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The Bulletin — March 2008

Transformation. It’s become a key, driving factor in our work throughout Canada and the United States, and this issue of The Bulletin hones in on several examples of CMC’s own unique brand of building makeover. Whether a client wants to turn an unused space into a profit center, offer more cremation memorialization options to keep up with the changing times, or simply wants to update tired, outdated décor, CMC can get the job done with ultimate quality and grandeur.

Features: Columbarium expansion for Holy Cross Cemetery (Edmonton, AB), internal space conversion at St-Andrew’s & St-James’ Cemetery (Orilla, ON), family mausoleum restoration at St-Matthieu Cemetery (Quebec) and internal restoration of Ste-Marie-Madeleine Parish Cemetery (Quebec) to add cremation inventory.

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The Bulletin — March 2007

This issue of The Bulletin begs the question: how can so many funeral property owners be so educated on the industry, yet unaware of the true breadth of options available to them? CMC is all about education because frankly, we’re confident that we can provide solutions that not only fit individual needs, but also go beyond what our clients may even have thought possible. We don’t just follow trends. We also set our own.

Features: Saint-Rita Mausoleum (Montreal, QC), Park Lawn Cemetery (Toronto, ON), a community mausoleum for the City of Prince George (Prince George, BC) featuring 100 casket spaces and 500 cremation spaces, as well as a large central corridor—slated for completion in November 2006, plus a sampling of some of our top-quality bronze accessories.

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The Bulletin — July 2006

In this issue of The Bulletin, CMC gives it to you straight: with cremation rates on the rise, it is critical for funeral property owners to innovate ahead so that they don’t fall behind. A range of cremation memorialization alternatives must now supplement decreasing sales in the traditional burial space, and you can count on CMC to be your expert niche and columbaria partner. We offer a wider selection of products, an elevated level of customer service and design-build advancements that you’ve never even imagined.

Features: Light of Christ Mausoleum (North York, ON) featuring 3,000 casket spaces, a columbarium garden (Montréal, QC) featuring an impressive 2,336 niches, plus many spectacular photos of CMC’s finest outdoor columbaria representing the best in the industry.

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The Bulletin — January 2006

The cremation market is growing…and fast. This issue of The Bulletin focuses on CMC’s commitment to innovation in this highly desirable and competitive space. We are an indisputable leader in cremation memorialization options—including the world’s finest glass-front niches—and the jaw-dropping projects featured here prove it.

Features: Phase I of Mausolée du Plateau at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery (Montréal, QC) featuring 6,000 crypts, completion of Serenity Mausoleum (Buffalo, NY) featuring 1,870 casket spaces and 1,070 niches, Girardot & Ménard Funeral Complex (Granby, QC), La Cité Funeral Complex (Sainte-Foy, QC), Mausoleum of Heavens (Richmond Hill, ON), Urgel Bourgie Funeral Complex (Montréal, QC) and Lady of the Angels Mausoleum (Stoney Creek, ON).

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The Bulletin — July 2005

This issue of The Bulletin is about putting people first. Collaboration and satisfaction are CMC’s holy grail, and these qualities empower us to constantly leapfrog the competition. You can trust CMC to be highly available, communicative and engaged throughout our partnership because here, premium service isn’t an add-on. It comes standard in everything we do.

Features: Community mausoleum construction project (Albany, NY), Woodlawn Garden Conservatory Mausoleum (Bronx, NY) featuring 2,326 casket spaces and 200 niche spaces, Resurrection Mausoleum (Phoenix, AZ) featuring 1,703 casket spaces, and an innovative cremation garden at Riverside Cemetery (Lindsay, Ontario) with custom columbaria, entrance obelisks features and private family units for a total of 380 niches.

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The Bulletin — January 2005

A customer-centric approach: that’s what CMC stands on. This issue of The Bulletin explores how we’ve expanded to meet our cemetery customers’ demands for unique, high-quality structures and value. By striving to not just exceed your expectations, but the market’s as well, we create designs and structures that are highly salable, vastly competitive and generative of the greatest possible ROI. CMC has quality covered, and we’ve mastered master planning and mausoleum/columbaria innovation. Plus, we’re dedicated to being on time, on budget and always on trend.

Features: Our Lady of the Angels Mausoleum (Stoney Creek, ON) featuring 1,134 casket spaces and 882 marble- and glass-front niches and Corporation Mont-Marie (Lévis, QC), which has been a loyal CMC client for 14 years.

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The Bulletin — July 2004

In this issue of The Bulletin, discover how CMC continues to evolve even after more than two decades as a funeral property design-build leader across North America. We consistently stay ahead of the latest memorialization options and have expanded our portfolio of services to keep customers covered no matter what they’re looking for—including high-demand, high-value cremation alternatives. From multifunctional funeral centers and private family estates to garden layouts and administration buildings, CMC creates it all.

Features: Phase III of St-Vincent De Paul Cemetery (Laval, QC), Padre Pio Mausoleum (North York, ON) and an office and reception center for Christ the King Office Cemetery (Markham, ON), plus a deep dive into CMC’s trendsetting design-build capabilities.

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The Bulletin — January 2004

Nobody creates elegant layouts, desirable columbaria designs and unsurpassed ROI quite like CMC. In this issue of The Bulletin, you’ll discover just how high our standards rise. In short: we don’t reach for the bar. We set it. Our experienced team relentlessly pursues the highest standards of quality, service and value so we consistently stay at the forefront of the mausoleum and cremation memorialization markets. That’s why your investment with CMC is a steadfast investment in your future success.

Features: Holy Cross Mausoleum (Culver City, CA) featuring 9,280 casket spaces and 3,470 niche spaces—slated for completion in Spring 2005 and Padre Pio Mausoleum (Montreal, QC) featuring 2,600 casket spaces and 2,000 niches as part of a daring master plan of eleven mausoleums.

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The Bulletin — July 2003

North America has never seen a mausoleum builder quite like CMC. In this issue of The Bulletin, we retrace portions of our company’s journey and our vast portfolio of successfully completed construction projects. Since launching in the U.S. in 1998, CMC has been a trusted partner for some of the nation’s most premier and prominent cemeteries. In May 2003, our team broke ground on the Serenity Mausoleum in San Diego, CA—one of a series of hillside, multi-level mausoleums featuring 816 casket spaces and 480 cremation niches.

Features: Assumption Mausoleum (Simi Valley, CA), Calvary Mausoleum (Los Angeles, CA), Garden of Gethsemane Feature Columbarium (Tulsa, OK), Mount Hope Columbarium Garden (Toronto, ON) and a new twin-arched columbarium installation (Hamilton, ON).

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The Bulletin — January 2003

With this issue of The Bulletin comes an expansive and exciting announcement: CMC has been selected to build the Woodlawn Cemetery Conservatory Mausoleum in the Bronx, New York. It will be a distinct honor to design-build this 2,326-casket, 200-niche building, and we pledge to approach it with the same creative vision, eye for detail and commitment to service and construction excellence as we do for every project—big or small.

Features: Phase III of St. Anthony’s Mausoleum at Queen of Heaven (Toronto, ON) adding 4,500 crypts, phase II of Our Lady Immaculate Mausoleum in (Guelph, ON) featuring 596 crypts and 440 niches, Avondale Cemetery (Stratford, ON) featuring a garden mausoleum with180 exterior casket spaces—the first of its kind in the Ontario marketplace, and more.

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The Bulletin — July 2002

What’s new in columbaria? This issue of The Bulletin explores how CMC takes on cremation memorialization innovation. We’ve now installed our breathtaking dome columbaria 40+ locations throughout North America and expanded to 12 different models and more than 100 designs. Plus, our Classical Series of columbaria (including the noteworthy Twin Peak unit) and Serenity Collection (an indoor system of glass-front niches) are also paving the path to next-generation design.

Features: Community mausoleum (Menands, NY) featuring 969 casket spaces and a variety of cremation niches, mixed-use interment garden (Kelowna, BC) featuring 900 niches and 60 crypts and our new bronze accessories catalog featuring premium bronze products and lettering for mausoleums and columbaria.

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The Bulletin — January 2002

This issue of The Bulletin is dedicated to our treasured American partners. We first established a U.S. presence in 1998 and opened our national HQ in Portland in 2000. Since then, our competitive pricing, premier quality and service, and dedication to staying on schedule and on budget have helped us find “home” all across the country.

Features: Sacred Heart Mausoleum (Farmingdale, NY) featuring 1,924 casket spaces and 288 niches, Lalime Mausoleum (St-Hyacinthe, QC) featuring 576 casket spaces and 2,500 niches, Calvary Mausoleum (Los Angeles, CA) featuring 12,584 casket spaces and 5,368 niche spaces, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (Los Angeles) featuring 1,296 casket spaces and Pieta Mausoleum (Jefferson City, MO) featuring 778 casket spaces and 182 niches.

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The Bulletin — July 2001

Timeless elegance. That’s CMC’s calling card. Get the story in this issue of The Bulletin as we unveil our new self-manufactured Classical Series of columbaria. We’ll also treat you to stunning stills of some of our latest columbarium designs and gorgeous cremation gardens with highly salable, in-demand inventories.

Features: Holy Family Mausoleum (Markham, ON), CMC Precast Concrete Plant (Kettleby, ON), custom columbaria (Stouffville, Belleville and Toronto, ON), multicultural columbarium (North York, ON), classical dome columbarium (Oshawa, ON), Pieta Mausoleum groundbreaking (Jefferson City, MO) and Calvary Mausoleum (Los Angeles, CA), which is scheduled for completion April 2003 and will be of the largest U.S. mausoleums constructed in one phase (13,000 crypts).

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The Bulletin — January/February 2001

Discover the CMC difference in the first edition of our popular newsletter, The Bulletin. In this issue, we discuss the people, practices and innovations (like our marble- and glass-front niche systems) that have earned us 75% of the Canadian market share. But that’s just the beginning. Today, we continue to expand, bringing our superior service and self-performed design-build expertise to the U.S. and beyond.

Features: Queen’s Park Mausoleum (Calgary, AB), Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral (Los Angeles, CA), Whispering Waters Mausoleum (Dallas, TX), Holy Family Mausoleum (Markham, ON), Holy Cross Mausoleum (Edmonton, AB), Mausoleum addition (Montmagny, QC), Saint Anthony Mausoleum (Montreal, QC), Municipal Mausoleum (Kitimat, BC) and Paradise Mausoleum (Toronto, ON).

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